Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well folks, I tried to keep this blog timely...Oh well, it is more than two months since I posted here. My bad... When you don't hear from me, you can assume that I am busy. I mean BUSY!! It is hard for me to accept the fact that August is about gone! The weather has been chilly and wet these last few weeks. June was cool and bone dry. At least the cool remains a constant, not good for green beans but great for snap peas!

I've continued to do way more than I should, to be efficient. The economic need forces me to maintain 3 sites to sell our creations, active Ebay auctions for vintage items, and of course maintaining our 4 gardens and brick and mortar store, Oh maintaining a presence on 3 social networks. Whew... makes me tired to think about it all... no wonder I fall asleep on the couch at 10:30 PM.

Now on to a fun subject.....

We want to gleefully announce an event that is silly and fun and time honored. Many folks may have heard of the tiny village called Horton Bay, Michigan. Earnest Hemingway grew up in this small lake town. Horton Bay sits on the Northern shore of Lake Charlevoix, between the two lake towns of Charlevoix and Boyne City. Horton Bay is trapped within a time warp and hasn't changed much except for a swipe of paint here and there, and a trimmed rose bush or two. The Horton Bay General Store is the seat of activity in this lazy, don't blink or you'll miss it, village. You don't want to to miss it! Come this September 7Th, you are cordially invited to participate in the Horton Bay 28Th Annual Candle Light Bridge Walk. The bridge is 4 feet across and if you can make the trip you will receive an official Horton Bay Certificate that states you did so, to proudly display under glass in a place of high honor in your home. You will also be entitled to FREE ice cream, passionately and generously given to all honored, brave and courageous Bridge Walkers. This is really good stuff and not some cheap store-bought facsimile. So, if you are in Northern Michigan, or wondering what to do Labor Day can now mark your calendars to be in Horton Bay for some fun and merriment. This event is free except for your donation for a candle. Here's the pertinent info you will need....

September 7Th, 2009 at 7:30 PM....gather across the street from the Horton Bay General Store at G.T. Long's back yard for the 28Th Annual Horton Bay ~ Candle Light Bridge Walk. Candles will be available on the grounds for a small donation, or bring your own. Dan Farrow, Northern Michigan Folk Singer and others will be on stage to entertain us, while we gather and make ready for the journey. Bring a chair or blanket to sit on, jackets for cool Michigan night air, something to drink, and your most jovial mood...because we are all going to have a whooping good time, as usual. Don't you want to be able to tell your grandchildren you were one of the infamous brave heart-eds to walk the 'treacherous' bridge in Horton Bay? See you there............
(photo above is from last years event)

Monday, June 1, 2009


Happy Hello's to everyone!

You can sure tell we are going into our Summer mode. Things are bustling around here. We just held our "Summertime Welcome and Sacred Sparks is ALIVE!! (after the year of nothing (2008))."

We offered a 10% discount on all sales in the shop, and Intuitive Reader JEN was here to give in depth readings to those who reserved a spot. She received rave reviews by the folks. We will be having her here again and will let everyone know when that is happening. Thanks to all who came and enjoyed our little celebration of ALIVENESS! We had a nice turnout and are now focusing forward to June. (If you would like to receive email notices of our events held here at Sacred Sparks, please let us know, leave your name and email address and we will add you. We do not share addresses, our messages are sent with blind carbon, so no one can see your address).

Our first event this month, is our well known, WOMEN'S MOONMEET. This year we will only hold one MoonMeet and Sunday, June 7Th at 7:00 PM is it. It is open to all women, girls, elders. We welcome all ages because then we have a rounded representation of the MAIDEN, the MOTHER, and the CRONE. The full life span of the feminine. If you live near enough to attend, we do so hope you will. Please call us at 231-536-2704 to reserve your seat at the Sacred Fire. Please bring a healthy snack to share, a drink, cool evening clothes, a chair if you do not choose a bench, drums, rattles, chants, songs to share, your beautiful shinning face. A beverage and tableware will be provided. We will have an uplifting evening honoring the Goddess and filling ourselves with her essence. Returning to our humble, busy lives, transformed and ready to meet each day just as the Blessed Goddess within us would! Blessed Be......

Saturday, June 20Th at 6:00 PM we will be holding our SUMMER SOLSTICE FAMILY CELEBRATION. If you and or your family would like to celebrate the return of Father Sun, then please reserve your place in this circle of the Wheel of Life, ever turning, ever progressing, with us lowly humans as travelers along it's Way. We will do a short ceremony, walk the Labyrinth, Feast and then Drum. Call us to let us know how many will be coming in your party, bring a healthy dish to share on the Feast Table, a homage of the Gifts bestowed upon us from Mother Earth, something to drink, cool evening clothing. Beverage and table ware provided.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Do you remember when you were a little person, maybe 8 or 9 years old? Did your Mom tell you all about May Day and the tradition of secretly leaving a bouquet of posies at your neighbor's door? I remember all of this, and my Mom who loved this holiday. I think she told me about it so that I would secretly leave a little bouquet at our door, just so she could be surprised. For several years I participated in this lovely First of May, Victorian Ritual. I would gather deep purple violets from our back yard, (they were always in bloom at this time). Tie them together with a frame of green violet leaves, add a small round paper doilies and tie the gathered stems with a contrasting satin ribbon with a loop for hanging on a door knob. I would create at least 3 or 4 of these and take them round to the neighbors doors. I would attached them carefully and then knock at the door and then run as fast as I could, so it would be a secret to who had left the flowers. I knew how to have fun all by myself, and make others happy too.

Now I am an elder woman but I continue to celebrate my most favorite season. This coming Saturday, May 2nd beginning at 1:00 PM till ?, we can happily announce our 5th BELTANE CELEBRATION! If you live near us, you are invited. This is a FREE event we only ask that you bring a donation for the PETOSKEY WOMEN'S RESOURCE CENTER SAFE HOME. They are always in need of non-perishable foods, toiletries, paper goods, first aid items, infant care items, and kitchen cleaning supplies. They do not need clothing because they operate a resale shop. Oh yes, monetary donations are welcome as well.

This event is planned and sponsored by the Northern Michigan Pagans. A loving group of gentle minds and generous hearts. The traditional May Pole Dance will take place in the later part of the afternoon. Fabulous music by PINKY LEE and others will kick your Spring time spirits into a happy place. There will be a Celtic Ogham Quest for Empowerment, with each participant receiving a souvenir representing their journey. You will learn about this ancient Gaelic Ogham Tradition along with leaving with a deep sense of focus for an issue in your life you would like to see solved or come to fruition. Your little wood Ogham pendant will go with you to help you focus each day on your quest as it slowly comes into being. There will be Face Painting and Tarot Readers, with a Pot Luck Dinner following the May Pole Dance. We hope you can join us.

The photo is a print Jerry did from last years May Pole Dance. It is for sale in our shop...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Special SALE in our Etsy Shop!

Woo Hoo and Happy Dances! Our April special is NOW happening! We have drastically reduced our prices on our Wedding Jewelry by 30%!!! These pieces are in the front of our shop so you can find them easily. The prices marked is the discount. Our Etsy shop is the ONLY place where you can get the special discount. It is a GREAT chance to acquire some fine pieces we have created from gems and high quality metal. These are all one of a kind pieces so they can't be copied or reproduced. This is a first come, first chance opportunity, don't wait, they will disappear quick.

The picture shown is a pair of earrings, regularly $85.00 but during April you can acquire these for only $60.00!! We must have gone nuts with all the crazy weather in March.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Art of Fantasy is ALIVE!!!

We were so honored and delighted when an invite to join the 'Magical Talents Market" on 1000Markets, popped into our in box. A good deal of my designs are of a Fantasy theme, with Faeries, and Mermaids and Goddesses. Of course it may be called Fantasy, BUT is it really? I can answer only 'Maybe' but 'Probably NOT!'.
As an Earth lover, I find comfort in the Wiccan Ways (Wiccan means Path of the Wise), of things, also in the Native Paths, and also in other spirituality's as well. I will admit that Wicca holds prevalence in my life. In Wiccan belief, Magick is a real thing. It is based upon the belief that what we do, how we act, think and speak creates a flow of energy that goes into our world and begins a process of subtle creation on it's own. That is why it is so important to think good thoughts, speak positive words and do good acts, because it all works in our favor, eventually affecting, not only the sender, but all beings. In a Wiccan Ceremony for spell craft the intent is objective to the participant (s). Spell casting is always for a positive gain and never ever for any manipulation, or negative retribution. That is dark, and wrong, and will react through the 3 Fold Law coming back upon the sender 3 times more powerful then sent. That one Law will keep Goodness alive in Wicca.
So when I create a piece that emulates the Goddess, it really isn't Fantasy to me. The Goddess lives and Her beauty and sustenance surrounds us every day. I actually believe that Faeries DO exist. When I walk down to our small stream, I can feel their energy, their essence. There is so much more in the unseen realms than we give credit to. Legends are built upon some truth in history. The Fantasy Legends and Stories that create such a fabulous collage of beauty, color, mystery, and shadows must have some base of truth within, built upon by ages of story tellers and great imaginations.
You know....the Wiccan belief that thought is a creative material - energy, holds great relevance in the Lands of Fantasy. It could be that humankind, with all of it's richly told stories of times long ago, is actually creating Fantasy in our time. How many flashes of movement have caught your attention to turn and look, with nothing there? Nothing? Maybe not...maybe just elusive in our busy, material, dysfunctional lifestyles. We have closed ourselves off from Fantasy. We wear shoes so our bare toes won't get dirty. We have clothed the very connection that we had with our Goddess-Mother. We have built huge thick walled homes, paved our pathways, cemented ourselves into our comfort zones, and totally and completely shut out the natural world, to where it is now called 'out of doors'. Indeed! You say. Why would we want to be cold, or sleep in the rain and snow? Well of course we wouldn't! The Great Spirit gave humanity intelligence to protect ourselves from the elements, and that is good. But what has happened over the centuries in the process of protecting ourselves, and being comfortable, we have slowly closed Nature out of our existence. Now look at what that has done! Global warming! There is a balance here that we all need to reclaim and renew. Spend more time in Nature, with your nose close to the ground and also your head bent up to see the wonders above. There is a whole Fantasy Realm alive and well in the clouds!
I have rambled enough here, but my main impetus is the 'Magical Talents Market' on 1000Markets. I feel a sense of home there, just like the 'Peace and Love Market' I blogged about a while back. You really need to visit 1000markets and definitely check out the great American artists who are offering their creations for purchase. You will need an Amazon Account because that is the only payment accepted there. But it is very easy to set up an account if you don't have one. Safe and secure for on-line purchases. One good thing is when you make a purchase on 1000markets you are actually helping the American economy, by investing in American Art, tomorrow's collectibles. Click here to visit 'Magical Talents Market'...
The earrings pictured are called "The Visitation"....When she wasn't looking, in THEY crept.... THEY tickled, THEY whispered, THEY took a treasure... The VISITATION that happened.... when she wasn't looking..... they are listed on in case you want a closer look. While you are there check out the other Markets we are selling our work in. Thanks for your interest in my designs...of which all are Copyrighted 2009 by Linda Beers Aydlott.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Prep Work For Spring...Hey! It's Serious Business!!

You's serious business! For me when the Sunny temp's warm Mother Earth to an acceptable level for bare feet, I'm there. Then everything that is done in door's is moot. That leaves all projects still in process, waiting for the attention needed to complete them, and if I am not in that equation, they just gather dust. Not good, but a fact of my life. Can't help it, I am a barefoot wild woman, who is so in love with the beauty of this planet I can't be anywhere else. Right now we still have 2 feet of snow between me and the creek. Without high boots I can't make it down there, so the studio is currently, still my haunt. I know, from watching the 11PM weather forecast that Spring IS on it's way. That means that I have to up my time in the studio, if I am to complete some of these projects. A sense of seasonal expediency is now in effect at Sacred Sparks.
Currently I am finishing a special order pin, that I call 'Midnight Bunny'. (I don't have a photo of this piece, but you can see the line drawing I did in an old catalog above, this piece is not $68 as listed in drawing but $78.00 to reflect silver prices of today). It was ordered by a customer who originally purchased this piece at an art fair in Wisconsin, but later lost it. She found me on Etsy and requested another, if possible. Of course that is possible! Working on this piece has renewed my love of acid etching. Through this process I can draw on metal with permanence and achieve some cool effects. It has inspired some other projects I now have in process too.
With Spring, and the awakening of the Earth... melting snows will reveal downed branches and sticks, Autumn leaves covering the ground and gardens in need of some major tender loving care. All this means that a huge work load is about to descend upon us (there's only two of us here).
We host a Beltane Event here on the grounds of Sacred Sparks. This year, it will happen on Saturday, May 2ND, from 1PM on. So it isn't difficult for anyone to imagine the tasks of clean up, and tidy up, and prep work to host such an great event, which will benefit some needy organization in the area, (entry fee will be donations of non-perishable food or toiletries, and cash donations if you wish, no clothing please), (this will be a family event so children are welcome -if you commit to watch them- but absolutely NO PETS).
I still need to keep my on-line shops active, and this blog current, and twitter as often as I can. On Dial-Up that is an enormous time bandit but we have no choice with nothing offered in our corner of the globe as of yet. I'm sure you can imagine our frustration, but what to do? Not much right now, other than go with the flow of slow and not get too stressed out about something we can't change.
So mark your calendars for our Beltane Event here, welcome Spring in the traditional way of our ancestors of Europe. The Northern Michigan Pagans have some really good entertainment lining up and some fab plans for Celtic activities. There will be a Pot luck dinner, May Pole Dance, and lots of FUN guaranteed! Stay posted to this blog for more info as it comes available and nearer to the actual date.
Don't forget we are offering some cool earrings FREE with every $20.00 purchase in our Esty shop during the month of March. We are also offering some really cool art in our 1000 Markets gallery.
I do have our Face book page up... but only on a minimal basis...hope to work on that today if I get a chance. You will know when I feel I'm ready. Thanks for visiting and please follow us. Thanks for supporting American artists...we REALLY appreciate it. Blessed Be & Goddess Bless

Sunday, March 1, 2009

...............~♥MANNA IN MARCH♥~ ................


For the entire month of March we are giving away, to our Etsy customers- who make a purchase of $20.00 or more...a FREE pair of Charming Cherub earrings. These little Cherubs will brighten your gloomy March days...and help you get through the month with a smile. They are handmade by me ....I sell these in our store for $12.00. These are so sweet and arty, that you could give them as a gift or keep them for yourself. Only one pair per purchase. Thanks for your support of American artists. ...~♥~...
FREE with your $20.00 purchase from our ETSY here to go there....

Friday, February 27, 2009


Today - Friday - February 27th - We are LEAPIN for JOY... We were accepted into the 1000 Markets "PEACE AND LOVE MARKET"!!! We are SOOOOOoooo.. all about PEACE & LOVE here at Sacred Sparks. To be a part of a Market with that projection is the 'cats' meow'.

We sure do hope, if you are reading this, that you will visit our little shop at 1000 Markets to see what we've been up to there. We will be listing new pieces often so you may want to book mark us. If you Tweet on Twitter, come join us and you will get updates there about our crazy lives.

Speaking of crazy....Today is Crazy Brutal Outside! We got 6 inches of super slop snow last night. While we slept the temps went from 34 to 16 and the wind is coming straight out of the North at about 20 to 30 mph!!!! The word is NASTY!!! Do NOT go out there! But of course we Have to! Jerry just got a fire started in the studio, while I type this. He shoveled his way out, with all that slop now turned frozen rock hard! YUCK! Can you tell we are REALLY ready for a break in weather here.

Needless to say, we will be working indoors today...creating more cool pieces for someone out there- who will see it, love it and buy it. We LOVE our customers! Thanks in advance with giant HUGS!

The photo I posted today I call 'Little Spring Buds' they are a wishful thinking pair of earrings. You know, if you project it, think it, IT WILL HAPPEN!! You can buy these for only $28.00 on, or on, or on We thank you so much for your support.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

See that thin thread in the picture to your right.....

Do you see it? A thin pale line, stretching back to the Asparagus plant driping with dew. That is a gossamer spider thread. Wow! Cool! Miraculous! Well that's where I'm going with this post. Today and tomorrow you can see some of our pieces posted on http://www.ornamentia.blogspot/ along with many other fine American artists.

We have been having a bit of financial downturn here on the Sacred Spark homestead...and these fine folks took it upon theirselves to promote us, in an effort to generate a sale or two.

Whether you make a purchase or just enjoy the art is important, because that means that you went to this site and looked around and became familiar with everyone there. That is connecting a gossamer thread that is strong. We do hope you will bookmark our blog and theirs, in fact...even better...follow us...leave a comment. Visit some of our sites we have linked here to see what this awesome country has to offer from the HAND MADE art of America. We do hope that you will commit to buying handmade in America and stay as far away from imports as physically possible in these times of trouble. It is the imports that has been a big contributor to lost jobs, lost income, lost economy. Of course there are many other contributors but this is a biggy. It amazes me that all those companies who took their manufacturing overseas to actually expect their unemployed to continue to buy their products with unemployment money. Where is the sense in that???? Is human mental capacity falling into the abyss of stupidity? Not a good thought.

On the up swing, here are some totally cool, dear, wonderful, good hearted Earth Angels with unbound creativity to inspire you into spending a few of your precious dollars that will actually do GOOD in this troubled country.

We send you hugs and blessings galore for your generosity and caring deeds.
The Angelic Cat pin was made by me...Linda Beers Aydlott you can purchase it on

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Good Day to all... The past few days have, once again, been a blur of activity. I have been sitting in front of this computer screen for WAY too long. I have created a profile on Yahoo, and been working on my Flikir presentations. Lots of time there....

Then I spent 2 days working on a FaceBook profile...That site is not easy for me. I have done enough networking where I should be able to traverse a site...understand it's inner workings and proceed to create my own presence. MySpace was not difficult at all. Blogspot..(where you are right now), was easy and smooth...but FaceBook...whoa..that is another story. I still haven't published it yet. Everybody says it is simple. Guess I am simple, minded that is. I'll keep trying. I don't give up, I just try harder, which usually pays off in the end.

What do I really want to do? I want to create!!!! But I know that I must continue to network, so that what I create will not get dusty, and shoved into some corner of my studio. Not to mention that I just paid bills and our account is looking like a giant Black Hole. Scary is not the right word...Nightmare- might work...ominous...pending disaster.... To give you an inkling of where we are at... We went to the insurance office today to pay our monthly bill. I put together a nice pad of our current pieces of Valentine related gifts. Hoping to offer the agent a fine selection of fine jewelry he could select from for a gift to his wife. Maybe his purchase would help pay for our bill to him. We didn't take the jewelry in to the office but we did offer it, to no avail. I should have just taken it in and allowed the ooh's and aah's to take over. I have no nerve.

I guess I am on an to stop is not positive at all. 'Keep a stiff up lip', my Moma always told me. She was awesome, guess I'd better heed her words of wisdom. Onward and forward....

We were featured in two Treasuries on Etsy this last week. That was WAY COOL. I do believe it upped our lookers, but no sales yet... Did you catch that positive "YET"? Check it out here... (this link does have an expiration date, so if you want to see need to go there in the next couple of days)... also check out the good artists who created the Etsy Treasuries... here.... Dahlia House Art Studio on Etsy ( a fellow Michigan artist)...
....... and Diva Designs Etsy shop

Above is a pair of yummy earrings I just made and listed on our 1000 Markets shop. If you want to see more of what we have there, just go to this site =
come and Tweet at us...
become our friend at...
see our shop at Etsy....
see our shop at Art Fire...
Come visit, make a comment, or let us know you were there... that way I'll know that I'm not spending all this time for nothing. Your attention is VERY much appreciated. Thank you so much!!! Have a Blissful Day full of Smiles and Happy Thoughts....Linda

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's amazing how much can happen in just a few days!!!

My last post was last Thursday... in the time that has passed since then, I have accomplished quite a bit. I opened our shop on Art Fire...check it out at I have a lot more items to yet add there, but it's a beginning.I have also studied 1000Markets and finally decided to make the plunge and open a shop there.. check out our new shop at... 1000Markets has a nice professional look. They jury each shop on appearance & content. We were notified of our acceptance this morning.My list of followers on Twitter is growing... come on in and Tweet with me at... I have joined the Etsy Twitter Team...they are a bunch of great and talented people. It is nice to be in such an active community that is promoting the artists of Etsy. In a slumping economy it is important to get out there and market yourself as much as possible. My next move is FaceBook. Onward and forward and perhaps a little revenue will find it's way into our coffers here at Sacred Sparks. Don't forget to visit our myspace at Whew that's a lot of connecting, communicating and posting... But it's all fun, and I'm meeting some fab folk in the process. Oh yeah...I made 8 pair of earrings, 4 pendulums, 3 necklaces, and 2 pins since my last post. I finished my Deva Spirit Dolls and am writting up their purpose cards, 1 done, 1 half done, plus 1 to yet to start. They are my RAgs and Ribbons project....which will include Deva Spirit Dolls, Deva Spirit Pins, Deva Spirit Protectors for travelers. My slate is pretty full right now. Could you guess? I could really use a longer day and a couple more arms to get it all accomplished. Ok it's time to hit the sack and dream of warmer days... we have 3 feet of snow over most of the ground and more in piles and drifts. Looking out from the back mud room is a sight that makes me laugh in amazement. The piles are taller than me, I'm 5'4". Will it ever melt? It is 4 degrees as I type... come mid June, I'll be wishing for a few cans of these temps to cool it down! Balance would be so great!Venus looked particularly bright tonight. Is that planet closer this time of year? Beautiful!Gotta go warm my bum by the wood stove before I venture up stairs to flannel sheets.See ya.... Linda
PS... the above bright little Checkerboard Heart is an ACEO that I drew last week and Jerry colored and made possible for upload here ... Copyright L Beers Aydlott 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What do you do on a snowy day???

Why, you get your butt out to your workshop and create things!!! What better to do is that?

Yes, Tired I am of winter. What can I do about it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! So being the positive thinker that I am, I make jewelry! Or drawings, or watercolors, or Spirit Deva's, or whatever's. I create. I love to let the Muse sweep me away...and often She does...She is constantly whispering in my ear... Drawing me out to the studio, my play ground, where tools are my shovel, and gemy beads and stones are my sand. A Castle I will build. (put foot down, rattle dishes in cupboard, draw strange looks from hubby). Am I nuts? YUP! Of course in a great my age the child within has my age...I can speak my opinions...I can rant... I can create wildly... and so I will. Snow is my ticket to take stuff up into my hands and bring a work of art out of my movements! FUN!! I am going to have a great day and I sure hope, that if anyone reads this, they will too! Blessed Be to all.... Linda

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smooth Hump Day....

Not all Wednesdays are like this...but so far so smooth. Studio is finally warm enough to put together some pins I've been working on. I also really need to create more of my 'Twist' hoops seeing as they have all sold! That's nice. Sure hope my Blog is seen by folks. We REALLY need to network and expose ourselves more. We have SO many 'Sacred Sparks', (items we create to sell), to offer to the world....we need discovery....

Well, out to the studio for me....I actually have two ladies coming this afternoon. They called and made an appointment! WOOO HOOO.....See ya later...Linda

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Want a good laugh???

This takes the cake! and we don't have any cake...but it is a sure sign of the dreaded Cabin Fever setting in.
We are Detroit Red Wing fans...there is a game tonight... Jerry fixed dinner and we settled into our seats to enjoy some great hockey. Well, having two absolutely charming and delightful kitties it didn't take long for the regular evening game to begin. Tonight is cold. Verrrry, would you believe 0. Of course once we were settled into our seats, Gris Gris LongFur wanted to go out. So we let him out. Whatever kitty wants...kitty gets...RIGHT?
It wasn't long before Malikin Silver Toes scratched at the door, also wanting of some fresh air. Neither Jerry nor I let Gris Gris back in. We swear! Malikin did not stay out long. Twenty minutes passed. Gris Gris had not clicked his nails on the door jam. His way of saying "I'm ready to come in." Both Jerry and I looked at each other, saying...'Gris Gris is still outside! In these temps, that is not good for tiny bare toes. We called from the door but no Gris Gris. We ventured out in our stocking feet and saw no Gris Gris.. So we came back in to dress for the temps.
We put on our heavy boots, that we had just taken off for the night, donned our warm coats, hats and gloves and went out to the porch to call Gris Gris. We called, Called and CALLED. Not a sound did we hear, nor a black cat did we see. Jerry went in and fetched the flashlight...We wandered the back shoveled yard, looking for pussy tracks and calling our bloody heads off.
Surely the far away neighbors were hearing our calls and wondering...What the heck?
After a good twenty minutes of calling and then listening in the clear skied, squeaky snow night, we dragged our feet back into the warm house. Jerry thought well maybe Gris Gris is upstairs in his favorite snuggle place. No he wasn't there....BUT he was in the window, looking down at us making total fools of ourselves in the frigid night. Gris Gris must really be having some thoughts about us! If you only knew the awful thoughts going through our heads as we called and looked for foot prints in the snow. ...Coyotes, rabbit chasing into the road, speared by an icicle... Relieved that all was well...we went back to the hockey game and tried to warm back up, and calm the panic out of our veins. How mortifying! Cabin Fever is not a good thing.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Going to work soon..that is Out to the Studio!

Today we woke up to 14 degrees! Chilly house took a while to get back to a livable temp. Studio is warming up as I type. Heating with wood really saves money, but it sure is a lot of work and back aches. Just ask Jerry about that...he still has a kink left over from getting the 2 feet of snow and ice off the house roof. At 59 that is tough work...actually at any age that is tough work!

I have been attempting to harvest some friends/followers on on Twitter site. come sign up for our posts and we'll reciprocate.

I am on my way to the studio to do some more acid etching for parts to make some special pieces. I do have one pair of earrings in process that I need to finish so I can clean up my beading area. I can really get a mess going there.

The photo I posted today is our studio/shop viewed from our home. The snow is piled the highest that we can remember...we've lived here for 35 years!!!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Anybody know about 1000 MARKETS ..?...?..?..

Good Day Folks!
Just spent a lot of time exploring a site called '1000 Markets'. It is a nice place. Has a professional look, with some professional art...all American...I may add.

Does anyone know if this is an Amazon site??? They only take Amazon payments...thus the idea that it is owned by Amazon. If it is, I am impressed.

Is there anyone you know who has a shop there that is actually selling their work???

Jerry and I would love to know more about this, if anyone is willing to share...



The photo is of some earrings I make and sell in our shop These are very reasonably priced. I call them 'Celestial Kitties', they sell for only $6.50 and you can buy them at

Friday, January 23, 2009


Good Day to you! This open ended project is in day two now. I learned how to add was pretty easy actually. I guess I shouldn't get so freaked out.
Currently, I am anxious to get out to the studio to begin several planned and commissioned projects. All this computer work takes a goodly amount of time......especially when living out in the boonies of Northern Michigan! Yup, we only have access to dial up at this time. Frustrating as it is, there is nothing we can do about it. Believe me, we've tried many, many times. We shall keep trying and perhaps someday it will all come together for us.
Right now we couldn't afford high-speed anyway. Our finances ARE going to change, real soon. I am working hard on getting our name and art out there for good folk to see, desire and BUY. Our customer base here in Northern Michigan has wisped away with the paling economic moon. Our bills are paid, but our savings for bad times are evaporating, with each monthly pay period. I know we will find a venue that will start our flow once again. I trust in the Goddess and through my Faith and Good Intent, all will return to the Balance that we seek. Not too much, but just enough to survive and carry on with dignity and good will.
I am now closing this entry and heading out to the studio, that is now warm and waiting. I have one 'Mid-Night Bunny' Pin to create for an order, one 'Fat Freddy on the Fence' pin to finish, some acid etching to begin for several other pieces I want to create. I'll start with 'Fat Freddy', I have made all of the parts, now I just have to tool them and solder them, add a pin back, buff it all up real pretty and then let the dear lady, who ordered it, know that it's done! You can see one of my smaller 'Fat Freddy's' on our Etsy site. Click on our PIN section and you will find it. Maybe I can attach a photo....I'll see... (If I do attach a do know that my designs and all photos there of, are copyrighted by me, and you have no permission to copy the image what so ever. Thank you for your respect of American artists. Please just enjoy it, or better yet...BUY IT!!!! Here's the link.....
Thanks for your visit....return soon to see what is happening here at Sacred Sparks.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


This marks my first post. Quite frankly.... I have no idea WHAT I am doing. No, that's not right, I know what I'm doing, I know why I'm doing it, I just don't know much about HOW to do it. As time passes, my learning curve will slowly become more than a flat line!

I suppose an introduction is in order. Maybe there is a place for a site 'about me' blurb. I'll find it eventually. Right now I'll quickly say....That SACRED SPARKS is our Trade name. My husband and I are artists, attempting to earn a living with the jewelry I make, and the fab Photography he creates. We have been doing this for a long, long time. Right now we show our designs at

We used to sell at juried art shows around the country. That was a fun time for us. The travel, the commraderie, seeing new art, meeting new customers, developing relationships, was a gypsy way of life...and we LOVED it!

We ended the art fairs in 1998 and opened a small brick and mortar...actually a recycled garage turned charming, and began a new way of marketing our work. There are pages of experiences inbetween these words.... but for times sake, I am keeping this in quick time.

Now we are selling on ETSY, and not really doing so well there. We are attempting to find ways of sending potential buyers to our site. Maybe our Blog will help.

I really need to end this. I have to go lock the studio up for the night...put some logs on the fire out there, and bring in the cash box. More stories to tell. I guess I won't run out of stuff to talk about. I'll need to organize it into subjects. I am going to attempt to post a picture now...wish me luck....
OK... It worked! The image you see is a pin that I made. You can view this piece on our Etsy site at I call it 'Dance of the Dragonflies', it is copyrighted by me...Linda Beers Aydlott and you are not allowed to copy this photo to any venue with out my express permission. Thank you for your respect of American artists.
Blessed Be.....Linda