Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Art of Fantasy is ALIVE!!!

We were so honored and delighted when an invite to join the 'Magical Talents Market" on 1000Markets, popped into our in box. A good deal of my designs are of a Fantasy theme, with Faeries, and Mermaids and Goddesses. Of course it may be called Fantasy, BUT is it really? I can answer only 'Maybe' but 'Probably NOT!'.
As an Earth lover, I find comfort in the Wiccan Ways (Wiccan means Path of the Wise), of things, also in the Native Paths, and also in other spirituality's as well. I will admit that Wicca holds prevalence in my life. In Wiccan belief, Magick is a real thing. It is based upon the belief that what we do, how we act, think and speak creates a flow of energy that goes into our world and begins a process of subtle creation on it's own. That is why it is so important to think good thoughts, speak positive words and do good acts, because it all works in our favor, eventually affecting, not only the sender, but all beings. In a Wiccan Ceremony for spell craft the intent is objective to the participant (s). Spell casting is always for a positive gain and never ever for any manipulation, or negative retribution. That is dark, and wrong, and will react through the 3 Fold Law coming back upon the sender 3 times more powerful then sent. That one Law will keep Goodness alive in Wicca.
So when I create a piece that emulates the Goddess, it really isn't Fantasy to me. The Goddess lives and Her beauty and sustenance surrounds us every day. I actually believe that Faeries DO exist. When I walk down to our small stream, I can feel their energy, their essence. There is so much more in the unseen realms than we give credit to. Legends are built upon some truth in history. The Fantasy Legends and Stories that create such a fabulous collage of beauty, color, mystery, and shadows must have some base of truth within, built upon by ages of story tellers and great imaginations.
You know....the Wiccan belief that thought is a creative material - energy, holds great relevance in the Lands of Fantasy. It could be that humankind, with all of it's richly told stories of times long ago, is actually creating Fantasy in our time. How many flashes of movement have caught your attention to turn and look, with nothing there? Nothing? Maybe not...maybe just elusive in our busy, material, dysfunctional lifestyles. We have closed ourselves off from Fantasy. We wear shoes so our bare toes won't get dirty. We have clothed the very connection that we had with our Goddess-Mother. We have built huge thick walled homes, paved our pathways, cemented ourselves into our comfort zones, and totally and completely shut out the natural world, to where it is now called 'out of doors'. Indeed! You say. Why would we want to be cold, or sleep in the rain and snow? Well of course we wouldn't! The Great Spirit gave humanity intelligence to protect ourselves from the elements, and that is good. But what has happened over the centuries in the process of protecting ourselves, and being comfortable, we have slowly closed Nature out of our existence. Now look at what that has done! Global warming! There is a balance here that we all need to reclaim and renew. Spend more time in Nature, with your nose close to the ground and also your head bent up to see the wonders above. There is a whole Fantasy Realm alive and well in the clouds!
I have rambled enough here, but my main impetus is the 'Magical Talents Market' on 1000Markets. I feel a sense of home there, just like the 'Peace and Love Market' I blogged about a while back. You really need to visit 1000markets and definitely check out the great American artists who are offering their creations for purchase. You will need an Amazon Account because that is the only payment accepted there. But it is very easy to set up an account if you don't have one. Safe and secure for on-line purchases. One good thing is when you make a purchase on 1000markets you are actually helping the American economy, by investing in American Art, tomorrow's collectibles. Click here to visit 'Magical Talents Market'...
The earrings pictured are called "The Visitation"....When she wasn't looking, in THEY crept.... THEY tickled, THEY whispered, THEY took a treasure... The VISITATION that happened.... when she wasn't looking..... they are listed on in case you want a closer look. While you are there check out the other Markets we are selling our work in. Thanks for your interest in my designs...of which all are Copyrighted 2009 by Linda Beers Aydlott.

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BlueStone Of Orcas Island said...

I just wanted to drop you a note & tell you I really admire your work & your writing. 1000markets has been HUGE for my soul. I have had the wind knocked out of me & haven't been filled back up yet but I am working hard on it. With people like you to inspire, It helps a lot. I wish you MUCH Success, you deserve it.