Sunday, January 25, 2009

Going to work soon..that is Out to the Studio!

Today we woke up to 14 degrees! Chilly house took a while to get back to a livable temp. Studio is warming up as I type. Heating with wood really saves money, but it sure is a lot of work and back aches. Just ask Jerry about that...he still has a kink left over from getting the 2 feet of snow and ice off the house roof. At 59 that is tough work...actually at any age that is tough work!

I have been attempting to harvest some friends/followers on on Twitter site. come sign up for our posts and we'll reciprocate.

I am on my way to the studio to do some more acid etching for parts to make some special pieces. I do have one pair of earrings in process that I need to finish so I can clean up my beading area. I can really get a mess going there.

The photo I posted today is our studio/shop viewed from our home. The snow is piled the highest that we can remember...we've lived here for 35 years!!!


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