Saturday, March 14, 2009

Prep Work For Spring...Hey! It's Serious Business!!

You's serious business! For me when the Sunny temp's warm Mother Earth to an acceptable level for bare feet, I'm there. Then everything that is done in door's is moot. That leaves all projects still in process, waiting for the attention needed to complete them, and if I am not in that equation, they just gather dust. Not good, but a fact of my life. Can't help it, I am a barefoot wild woman, who is so in love with the beauty of this planet I can't be anywhere else. Right now we still have 2 feet of snow between me and the creek. Without high boots I can't make it down there, so the studio is currently, still my haunt. I know, from watching the 11PM weather forecast that Spring IS on it's way. That means that I have to up my time in the studio, if I am to complete some of these projects. A sense of seasonal expediency is now in effect at Sacred Sparks.
Currently I am finishing a special order pin, that I call 'Midnight Bunny'. (I don't have a photo of this piece, but you can see the line drawing I did in an old catalog above, this piece is not $68 as listed in drawing but $78.00 to reflect silver prices of today). It was ordered by a customer who originally purchased this piece at an art fair in Wisconsin, but later lost it. She found me on Etsy and requested another, if possible. Of course that is possible! Working on this piece has renewed my love of acid etching. Through this process I can draw on metal with permanence and achieve some cool effects. It has inspired some other projects I now have in process too.
With Spring, and the awakening of the Earth... melting snows will reveal downed branches and sticks, Autumn leaves covering the ground and gardens in need of some major tender loving care. All this means that a huge work load is about to descend upon us (there's only two of us here).
We host a Beltane Event here on the grounds of Sacred Sparks. This year, it will happen on Saturday, May 2ND, from 1PM on. So it isn't difficult for anyone to imagine the tasks of clean up, and tidy up, and prep work to host such an great event, which will benefit some needy organization in the area, (entry fee will be donations of non-perishable food or toiletries, and cash donations if you wish, no clothing please), (this will be a family event so children are welcome -if you commit to watch them- but absolutely NO PETS).
I still need to keep my on-line shops active, and this blog current, and twitter as often as I can. On Dial-Up that is an enormous time bandit but we have no choice with nothing offered in our corner of the globe as of yet. I'm sure you can imagine our frustration, but what to do? Not much right now, other than go with the flow of slow and not get too stressed out about something we can't change.
So mark your calendars for our Beltane Event here, welcome Spring in the traditional way of our ancestors of Europe. The Northern Michigan Pagans have some really good entertainment lining up and some fab plans for Celtic activities. There will be a Pot luck dinner, May Pole Dance, and lots of FUN guaranteed! Stay posted to this blog for more info as it comes available and nearer to the actual date.
Don't forget we are offering some cool earrings FREE with every $20.00 purchase in our Esty shop during the month of March. We are also offering some really cool art in our 1000 Markets gallery.
I do have our Face book page up... but only on a minimal basis...hope to work on that today if I get a chance. You will know when I feel I'm ready. Thanks for visiting and please follow us. Thanks for supporting American artists...we REALLY appreciate it. Blessed Be & Goddess Bless

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