Saturday, February 14, 2009

See that thin thread in the picture to your right.....

Do you see it? A thin pale line, stretching back to the Asparagus plant driping with dew. That is a gossamer spider thread. Wow! Cool! Miraculous! Well that's where I'm going with this post. Today and tomorrow you can see some of our pieces posted on http://www.ornamentia.blogspot/ along with many other fine American artists.

We have been having a bit of financial downturn here on the Sacred Spark homestead...and these fine folks took it upon theirselves to promote us, in an effort to generate a sale or two.

Whether you make a purchase or just enjoy the art is important, because that means that you went to this site and looked around and became familiar with everyone there. That is connecting a gossamer thread that is strong. We do hope you will bookmark our blog and theirs, in fact...even better...follow us...leave a comment. Visit some of our sites we have linked here to see what this awesome country has to offer from the HAND MADE art of America. We do hope that you will commit to buying handmade in America and stay as far away from imports as physically possible in these times of trouble. It is the imports that has been a big contributor to lost jobs, lost income, lost economy. Of course there are many other contributors but this is a biggy. It amazes me that all those companies who took their manufacturing overseas to actually expect their unemployed to continue to buy their products with unemployment money. Where is the sense in that???? Is human mental capacity falling into the abyss of stupidity? Not a good thought.

On the up swing, here are some totally cool, dear, wonderful, good hearted Earth Angels with unbound creativity to inspire you into spending a few of your precious dollars that will actually do GOOD in this troubled country.

We send you hugs and blessings galore for your generosity and caring deeds.
The Angelic Cat pin was made by me...Linda Beers Aydlott you can purchase it on


PattyMara Gourley said...

Sister of the Moon, greetings! I smile when I see your cat angel pin. I've made a "few" angel cats in clay, with dangling legs and tail. Too funny. I've added your blog here to my blog list.

Sacred Sparks said...

Thank you so much dear PattyMara! It is so interesting to meet kindred spirits out here in cyber space. What a gift the Internet is to us distant in miles but so close in philosophy and ideals. Sending you Goddess Blessings of Peace and Prosperity Forevermore..Linda