Friday, February 27, 2009


Today - Friday - February 27th - We are LEAPIN for JOY... We were accepted into the 1000 Markets "PEACE AND LOVE MARKET"!!! We are SOOOOOoooo.. all about PEACE & LOVE here at Sacred Sparks. To be a part of a Market with that projection is the 'cats' meow'.

We sure do hope, if you are reading this, that you will visit our little shop at 1000 Markets to see what we've been up to there. We will be listing new pieces often so you may want to book mark us. If you Tweet on Twitter, come join us and you will get updates there about our crazy lives.

Speaking of crazy....Today is Crazy Brutal Outside! We got 6 inches of super slop snow last night. While we slept the temps went from 34 to 16 and the wind is coming straight out of the North at about 20 to 30 mph!!!! The word is NASTY!!! Do NOT go out there! But of course we Have to! Jerry just got a fire started in the studio, while I type this. He shoveled his way out, with all that slop now turned frozen rock hard! YUCK! Can you tell we are REALLY ready for a break in weather here.

Needless to say, we will be working indoors today...creating more cool pieces for someone out there- who will see it, love it and buy it. We LOVE our customers! Thanks in advance with giant HUGS!

The photo I posted today I call 'Little Spring Buds' they are a wishful thinking pair of earrings. You know, if you project it, think it, IT WILL HAPPEN!! You can buy these for only $28.00 on, or on, or on We thank you so much for your support.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

See that thin thread in the picture to your right.....

Do you see it? A thin pale line, stretching back to the Asparagus plant driping with dew. That is a gossamer spider thread. Wow! Cool! Miraculous! Well that's where I'm going with this post. Today and tomorrow you can see some of our pieces posted on http://www.ornamentia.blogspot/ along with many other fine American artists.

We have been having a bit of financial downturn here on the Sacred Spark homestead...and these fine folks took it upon theirselves to promote us, in an effort to generate a sale or two.

Whether you make a purchase or just enjoy the art is important, because that means that you went to this site and looked around and became familiar with everyone there. That is connecting a gossamer thread that is strong. We do hope you will bookmark our blog and theirs, in fact...even better...follow us...leave a comment. Visit some of our sites we have linked here to see what this awesome country has to offer from the HAND MADE art of America. We do hope that you will commit to buying handmade in America and stay as far away from imports as physically possible in these times of trouble. It is the imports that has been a big contributor to lost jobs, lost income, lost economy. Of course there are many other contributors but this is a biggy. It amazes me that all those companies who took their manufacturing overseas to actually expect their unemployed to continue to buy their products with unemployment money. Where is the sense in that???? Is human mental capacity falling into the abyss of stupidity? Not a good thought.

On the up swing, here are some totally cool, dear, wonderful, good hearted Earth Angels with unbound creativity to inspire you into spending a few of your precious dollars that will actually do GOOD in this troubled country.

We send you hugs and blessings galore for your generosity and caring deeds.
The Angelic Cat pin was made by me...Linda Beers Aydlott you can purchase it on

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Good Day to all... The past few days have, once again, been a blur of activity. I have been sitting in front of this computer screen for WAY too long. I have created a profile on Yahoo, and been working on my Flikir presentations. Lots of time there....

Then I spent 2 days working on a FaceBook profile...That site is not easy for me. I have done enough networking where I should be able to traverse a site...understand it's inner workings and proceed to create my own presence. MySpace was not difficult at all. Blogspot..(where you are right now), was easy and smooth...but FaceBook...whoa..that is another story. I still haven't published it yet. Everybody says it is simple. Guess I am simple, minded that is. I'll keep trying. I don't give up, I just try harder, which usually pays off in the end.

What do I really want to do? I want to create!!!! But I know that I must continue to network, so that what I create will not get dusty, and shoved into some corner of my studio. Not to mention that I just paid bills and our account is looking like a giant Black Hole. Scary is not the right word...Nightmare- might work...ominous...pending disaster.... To give you an inkling of where we are at... We went to the insurance office today to pay our monthly bill. I put together a nice pad of our current pieces of Valentine related gifts. Hoping to offer the agent a fine selection of fine jewelry he could select from for a gift to his wife. Maybe his purchase would help pay for our bill to him. We didn't take the jewelry in to the office but we did offer it, to no avail. I should have just taken it in and allowed the ooh's and aah's to take over. I have no nerve.

I guess I am on an to stop is not positive at all. 'Keep a stiff up lip', my Moma always told me. She was awesome, guess I'd better heed her words of wisdom. Onward and forward....

We were featured in two Treasuries on Etsy this last week. That was WAY COOL. I do believe it upped our lookers, but no sales yet... Did you catch that positive "YET"? Check it out here... (this link does have an expiration date, so if you want to see need to go there in the next couple of days)... also check out the good artists who created the Etsy Treasuries... here.... Dahlia House Art Studio on Etsy ( a fellow Michigan artist)...
....... and Diva Designs Etsy shop

Above is a pair of yummy earrings I just made and listed on our 1000 Markets shop. If you want to see more of what we have there, just go to this site =
come and Tweet at us...
become our friend at...
see our shop at Etsy....
see our shop at Art Fire...
Come visit, make a comment, or let us know you were there... that way I'll know that I'm not spending all this time for nothing. Your attention is VERY much appreciated. Thank you so much!!! Have a Blissful Day full of Smiles and Happy Thoughts....Linda

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's amazing how much can happen in just a few days!!!

My last post was last Thursday... in the time that has passed since then, I have accomplished quite a bit. I opened our shop on Art Fire...check it out at I have a lot more items to yet add there, but it's a beginning.I have also studied 1000Markets and finally decided to make the plunge and open a shop there.. check out our new shop at... 1000Markets has a nice professional look. They jury each shop on appearance & content. We were notified of our acceptance this morning.My list of followers on Twitter is growing... come on in and Tweet with me at... I have joined the Etsy Twitter Team...they are a bunch of great and talented people. It is nice to be in such an active community that is promoting the artists of Etsy. In a slumping economy it is important to get out there and market yourself as much as possible. My next move is FaceBook. Onward and forward and perhaps a little revenue will find it's way into our coffers here at Sacred Sparks. Don't forget to visit our myspace at Whew that's a lot of connecting, communicating and posting... But it's all fun, and I'm meeting some fab folk in the process. Oh yeah...I made 8 pair of earrings, 4 pendulums, 3 necklaces, and 2 pins since my last post. I finished my Deva Spirit Dolls and am writting up their purpose cards, 1 done, 1 half done, plus 1 to yet to start. They are my RAgs and Ribbons project....which will include Deva Spirit Dolls, Deva Spirit Pins, Deva Spirit Protectors for travelers. My slate is pretty full right now. Could you guess? I could really use a longer day and a couple more arms to get it all accomplished. Ok it's time to hit the sack and dream of warmer days... we have 3 feet of snow over most of the ground and more in piles and drifts. Looking out from the back mud room is a sight that makes me laugh in amazement. The piles are taller than me, I'm 5'4". Will it ever melt? It is 4 degrees as I type... come mid June, I'll be wishing for a few cans of these temps to cool it down! Balance would be so great!Venus looked particularly bright tonight. Is that planet closer this time of year? Beautiful!Gotta go warm my bum by the wood stove before I venture up stairs to flannel sheets.See ya.... Linda
PS... the above bright little Checkerboard Heart is an ACEO that I drew last week and Jerry colored and made possible for upload here ... Copyright L Beers Aydlott 2009