Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Healing Touch of Reiki...

I have had the very fortunate gift of becoming a Reiki Practitioner under the gentle loving instruction of Mindy Taylor of Touch of Bliss Reiki in Bliss, Michigan.  Mindy is a profound Reiki Master, and the best instructor anyone could ask for.  She has led the way for many good folks to become a healer.  Her motto is "A Healer in every household".  I like that a lot. It makes good sense in these troubled times.

We had two classes here at Sacred Sparks.  Reiki I in July and Reiki II in August.  From my humble perspective, both classes were phenomenal.  It was an 8 hour class.  For the life of me, I couldn't imagine how I could sit for that long, (with occasional potty breaks and lunch of course).  I am a busy person, never sitting in one place for long, of course with exception to working on this Blog spot or my Web Site, oh and also, to be honest, Facebook and Pinterest.  In spite of the 8 hours of instruction which actually went longer because of the questions and group interaction, the day flew by!  It was amazing to me how smooth the class flowed and how much was passed from Mindy to us the students. The weather was perfect, sunny, 70's and we under a canopy down near the Fire Circle and Faerie Path.

The Attunement was astonishingly beautiful, and powerful and life changing.  Mindy was the Goddess incarenent right there in front of my closed eyes. I will never, ever forget those moments.  Uplifting, empowering, life changing moments that I did not, nor could ever imagine.  Wow! 

The Reiki II class seemed even shorter, even though it spanned the full 8 hours as well.  Reiki II was also held on a perfect day, a bit warmer but in the same location.  All I can say about this experience is it is worth every second, every moment so swiftly used in that teaching.  I will never be the same, nor would I want to be.  I feel like a new person going out into a world of wonder, filled with beauty, Love and Healing Life Fource Energy, that now flows through my hands to where it is most needed.  Blessed I am and I bow low to the beautiful soul named Mindy Taylor of Bliss, for her gifted skill of teaching.


Why is Blogspot so difficult?

It seems over the past few years Blogspot, has gotten more complicated than I am computer savvy.

It all started when I was somehow coerced into joining google+.  Now, if I want to get out of that no where site, they warn me that I will delete my g mail account and all other google related sites, which I assume is my Blogspot as well.  Needless to say I am not a happy blogger right now. I do not like the fear factor.

That is the very reason why I haven't blogged since May.  I have attempted many times to get into this site and finally gave up.  Please don't blame me for being lazy in my blogging.  I should find another site and start over... but, as you can see, I did find my way in, and wonder if I will ever find the path again.  So please bear with my ineptness.  If anyone else is experiencing this kind of difficulty or trouble, I would love to hear from you.  You know the cry on each others shoulders thing.  If you should have some secret way of circling around the maze that google forces upon it's users, I would sure love to know that secret portal.

OK... so I have whined enough... moving on with a real post here, before I exit this site, I want at least one timely post to prove I am still kicking and screaming... so to speak. :)