Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Want a good laugh???

This takes the cake! and we don't have any cake...but it is a sure sign of the dreaded Cabin Fever setting in.
We are Detroit Red Wing fans...there is a game tonight... Jerry fixed dinner and we settled into our seats to enjoy some great hockey. Well, having two absolutely charming and delightful kitties it didn't take long for the regular evening game to begin. Tonight is cold. Verrrry cold...like, would you believe 0. Of course once we were settled into our seats, Gris Gris LongFur wanted to go out. So we let him out. Whatever kitty wants...kitty gets...RIGHT?
It wasn't long before Malikin Silver Toes scratched at the door, also wanting of some fresh air. Neither Jerry nor I let Gris Gris back in. We swear! Malikin did not stay out long. Twenty minutes passed. Gris Gris had not clicked his nails on the door jam. His way of saying "I'm ready to come in." Both Jerry and I looked at each other, saying...'Gris Gris is still outside! In these temps, that is not good for tiny bare toes. We called from the door but no Gris Gris. We ventured out in our stocking feet and saw no Gris Gris.. So we came back in to dress for the temps.
We put on our heavy boots, that we had just taken off for the night, donned our warm coats, hats and gloves and went out to the porch to call Gris Gris. We called, Called and CALLED. Not a sound did we hear, nor a black cat did we see. Jerry went in and fetched the flashlight...We wandered the back shoveled yard, looking for pussy tracks and calling our bloody heads off.
Surely the far away neighbors were hearing our calls and wondering...What the heck?
After a good twenty minutes of calling and then listening in the clear skied, squeaky snow night, we dragged our feet back into the warm house. Jerry thought well maybe Gris Gris is upstairs in his favorite snuggle place. No he wasn't there....BUT he was in the window, looking down at us making total fools of ourselves in the frigid night. Gris Gris must really be having some thoughts about us! If you only knew the awful thoughts going through our heads as we called and looked for foot prints in the snow. ...Coyotes, rabbit chasing into the road, speared by an icicle... Relieved that all was well...we went back to the hockey game and tried to warm back up, and calm the panic out of our veins. How mortifying! Cabin Fever is not a good thing.

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