Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's amazing how much can happen in just a few days!!!

My last post was last Thursday... in the time that has passed since then, I have accomplished quite a bit. I opened our shop on Art Fire...check it out at http://sacred_sparks.artfire.com/ I have a lot more items to yet add there, but it's a beginning.I have also studied 1000Markets and finally decided to make the plunge and open a shop there.. check out our new shop at... http://www.1000markets.com/shops/sacredsparks 1000Markets has a nice professional look. They jury each shop on appearance & content. We were notified of our acceptance this morning.My list of followers on Twitter is growing... come on in and Tweet with me at...http://twitter.com/sacred_sparks/ I have joined the Etsy Twitter Team...they are a bunch of great and talented people. It is nice to be in such an active community that is promoting the artists of Etsy. In a slumping economy it is important to get out there and market yourself as much as possible. My next move is FaceBook. Onward and forward and perhaps a little revenue will find it's way into our coffers here at Sacred Sparks. Don't forget to visit our myspace at http://myspace.com/sacredsparks Whew that's a lot of connecting, communicating and posting... But it's all fun, and I'm meeting some fab folk in the process. Oh yeah...I made 8 pair of earrings, 4 pendulums, 3 necklaces, and 2 pins since my last post. I finished my Deva Spirit Dolls and am writting up their purpose cards, 1 done, 1 half done, plus 1 to yet to start. They are my RAgs and Ribbons project....which will include Deva Spirit Dolls, Deva Spirit Pins, Deva Spirit Protectors for travelers. My slate is pretty full right now. Could you guess? I could really use a longer day and a couple more arms to get it all accomplished. Ok it's time to hit the sack and dream of warmer days... we have 3 feet of snow over most of the ground and more in piles and drifts. Looking out from the back mud room is a sight that makes me laugh in amazement. The piles are taller than me, I'm 5'4". Will it ever melt? It is 4 degrees as I type... come mid June, I'll be wishing for a few cans of these temps to cool it down! Balance would be so great!Venus looked particularly bright tonight. Is that planet closer this time of year? Beautiful!Gotta go warm my bum by the wood stove before I venture up stairs to flannel sheets.See ya.... Linda
PS... the above bright little Checkerboard Heart is an ACEO that I drew last week and Jerry colored and made possible for upload here ... Copyright L Beers Aydlott 2009

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