Friday, January 23, 2009


Good Day to you! This open ended project is in day two now. I learned how to add was pretty easy actually. I guess I shouldn't get so freaked out.
Currently, I am anxious to get out to the studio to begin several planned and commissioned projects. All this computer work takes a goodly amount of time......especially when living out in the boonies of Northern Michigan! Yup, we only have access to dial up at this time. Frustrating as it is, there is nothing we can do about it. Believe me, we've tried many, many times. We shall keep trying and perhaps someday it will all come together for us.
Right now we couldn't afford high-speed anyway. Our finances ARE going to change, real soon. I am working hard on getting our name and art out there for good folk to see, desire and BUY. Our customer base here in Northern Michigan has wisped away with the paling economic moon. Our bills are paid, but our savings for bad times are evaporating, with each monthly pay period. I know we will find a venue that will start our flow once again. I trust in the Goddess and through my Faith and Good Intent, all will return to the Balance that we seek. Not too much, but just enough to survive and carry on with dignity and good will.
I am now closing this entry and heading out to the studio, that is now warm and waiting. I have one 'Mid-Night Bunny' Pin to create for an order, one 'Fat Freddy on the Fence' pin to finish, some acid etching to begin for several other pieces I want to create. I'll start with 'Fat Freddy', I have made all of the parts, now I just have to tool them and solder them, add a pin back, buff it all up real pretty and then let the dear lady, who ordered it, know that it's done! You can see one of my smaller 'Fat Freddy's' on our Etsy site. Click on our PIN section and you will find it. Maybe I can attach a photo....I'll see... (If I do attach a do know that my designs and all photos there of, are copyrighted by me, and you have no permission to copy the image what so ever. Thank you for your respect of American artists. Please just enjoy it, or better yet...BUY IT!!!! Here's the link.....
Thanks for your visit....return soon to see what is happening here at Sacred Sparks.

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