Sunday, April 26, 2009


Do you remember when you were a little person, maybe 8 or 9 years old? Did your Mom tell you all about May Day and the tradition of secretly leaving a bouquet of posies at your neighbor's door? I remember all of this, and my Mom who loved this holiday. I think she told me about it so that I would secretly leave a little bouquet at our door, just so she could be surprised. For several years I participated in this lovely First of May, Victorian Ritual. I would gather deep purple violets from our back yard, (they were always in bloom at this time). Tie them together with a frame of green violet leaves, add a small round paper doilies and tie the gathered stems with a contrasting satin ribbon with a loop for hanging on a door knob. I would create at least 3 or 4 of these and take them round to the neighbors doors. I would attached them carefully and then knock at the door and then run as fast as I could, so it would be a secret to who had left the flowers. I knew how to have fun all by myself, and make others happy too.

Now I am an elder woman but I continue to celebrate my most favorite season. This coming Saturday, May 2nd beginning at 1:00 PM till ?, we can happily announce our 5th BELTANE CELEBRATION! If you live near us, you are invited. This is a FREE event we only ask that you bring a donation for the PETOSKEY WOMEN'S RESOURCE CENTER SAFE HOME. They are always in need of non-perishable foods, toiletries, paper goods, first aid items, infant care items, and kitchen cleaning supplies. They do not need clothing because they operate a resale shop. Oh yes, monetary donations are welcome as well.

This event is planned and sponsored by the Northern Michigan Pagans. A loving group of gentle minds and generous hearts. The traditional May Pole Dance will take place in the later part of the afternoon. Fabulous music by PINKY LEE and others will kick your Spring time spirits into a happy place. There will be a Celtic Ogham Quest for Empowerment, with each participant receiving a souvenir representing their journey. You will learn about this ancient Gaelic Ogham Tradition along with leaving with a deep sense of focus for an issue in your life you would like to see solved or come to fruition. Your little wood Ogham pendant will go with you to help you focus each day on your quest as it slowly comes into being. There will be Face Painting and Tarot Readers, with a Pot Luck Dinner following the May Pole Dance. We hope you can join us.

The photo is a print Jerry did from last years May Pole Dance. It is for sale in our shop...

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