Friday, February 27, 2009


Today - Friday - February 27th - We are LEAPIN for JOY... We were accepted into the 1000 Markets "PEACE AND LOVE MARKET"!!! We are SOOOOOoooo.. all about PEACE & LOVE here at Sacred Sparks. To be a part of a Market with that projection is the 'cats' meow'.

We sure do hope, if you are reading this, that you will visit our little shop at 1000 Markets to see what we've been up to there. We will be listing new pieces often so you may want to book mark us. If you Tweet on Twitter, come join us and you will get updates there about our crazy lives.

Speaking of crazy....Today is Crazy Brutal Outside! We got 6 inches of super slop snow last night. While we slept the temps went from 34 to 16 and the wind is coming straight out of the North at about 20 to 30 mph!!!! The word is NASTY!!! Do NOT go out there! But of course we Have to! Jerry just got a fire started in the studio, while I type this. He shoveled his way out, with all that slop now turned frozen rock hard! YUCK! Can you tell we are REALLY ready for a break in weather here.

Needless to say, we will be working indoors today...creating more cool pieces for someone out there- who will see it, love it and buy it. We LOVE our customers! Thanks in advance with giant HUGS!

The photo I posted today I call 'Little Spring Buds' they are a wishful thinking pair of earrings. You know, if you project it, think it, IT WILL HAPPEN!! You can buy these for only $28.00 on, or on, or on We thank you so much for your support.


1000 Markets said...

We adore the Peace & Love Market.

Thank you for being such a great supporting merchant!

Sue Choppers-Wife / said...

ooh, you ARE wonderfully supportive merchants and we are so happy to have you with us :) (humming So Happy Together!)