Saturday, November 8, 2014

Yesterday's noon weather report ... was my push.

Yesterday, as the sun sank to the top of the western trees and the day was growing darker as wintery clouds crept in from the North, I knew it was time to overcome my reluctance and get busy with a task, I so did not want to do. I ventured down to the Faery Path to gather up the solar Faerie Lights and bring them in for the pending winter.
I sang sweet words to these inanimate objects. I told them how much happiness they had given me, as I gazed through the darkness of night, to see their tiny glow twinkling through the branches. Even going to bed each night, I could look out the back, up stairs window and see them. Their little lights reminded me they lit a magickal place, in my 'own' back yard. They reminded me of the Peace that I find on the paths, that wander through the trees. They remind me of the magickal chortling voice of the stream that flows and services the area with cool, nurturing, fresh spring water, that bubbles up out of the blessed soil of Mother Earth. It is a fine reminder to put into my head just prior to sleep. ~~•~დ‿╭♡~*

I so do not want to see the warmth surrender to the chilly air and go to bitter cold of winter. I really don't want to loose this beauty, that fills my eyes with such verdant joy.
    The frogs have snuggled down into the mud. I no longer hear their tiny voices, echoing in the moist darkness under the stars.  The precocious Red Squirrel has stashed his winter food, and does not snip at me, when I venture down there now.  He is snug with his family in a hole in one of the giant Black Willows.  The leaves now  lay on the paths, sparkling with rain that comes ahead of the snow. Here and there some emerald green damp moss peaks through the browns of the rain whetted leaves, revealing a color contrast of breathtaking proportions. I really don't want to surrender to the coming winter.
    The summer, was still clinging to the Faerie Lites. Some Woodbine vines had grown up and lovingly wrapped their curly tendrils around the wires. As if they were also clinging to a fleeting season. not wanting to let it go. But we must you know.
    Through my tears of saying goodbye to all this, I know that there is always beauty, always sparkling light catchers that will replace the solar lites. I know that come spring I will string the Faerie Lites back in the branches along the paths, and they will glow again in the darkness. It's just so hard to say good bye, even if it is temporary, to something that brings me so much happy, magickal content. Now the soft white snows will take their place in this realm of Peace. The dark branches will hold little layers of snow, creating a black and white, lace like, tapestry of sparkles, rending beauty to any beholder, with the first rays of a cold winter dawn. Change is inevitable, it is sweet and it is sad all at the same time. ~~•~დ‿╭♡~*

You can tell that these photos were taken in the summer.  Imagine all the green leaves on the ground at this time in November.  Blessed Be  (that's me and GrisGris above on the 'Four Leggeds Junket' Path.)

These last two photos I added today, November 9th.  It's been snowing all day long with cold temperatures called for tomorrow with lake effect..... looks like winter is here for Northern Michigan. ~~•~დ‿╭♡~*

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hi folks... I know, it's been a while.  I've have spent a good deal of time working on my website,  and it is taking a lot longer than I expected.  It is becoming more like a real web site every time I work on it, so it's worth it.  I just wish I had more of that elusive thing we call time.  I'm sure you do too, for that matter.
  Halloween approaches and I am getting excited as usual.  This is my most favorite holiday, because it honors our ancestors.  Where would we be without them?  Giving thanks to those who come before us is as important, perhaps more so, than a lot of the crazy things we do in this society.
  I do hope you will be celebrating in some way.  Why not set up a small altar with some photos of your relatives who have crossed over.  Add a candle and some nice quality incense.  Every time you pass by your altar offer a word of thanks or good conversation to the ones you love and respect. Bring up a fond memory is good to start a connection. They will hear you.  You may even feel a connection to them, because this is the time when the veil between the material and spirit realm is the thinnest.
  Halloween or Samhain, is so much fun just for the decorating aspect. For us here at our home, we decorate 'indoors' with purple, orange, blue led lights.  We love them so much, we never take them down. We celebrate the 'Tween' realm all the time.  Because of our decorations, I love our living room, it is a place of comfort and settling into a restful, relaxing space.  I think these tiny lights make that magick come alive.  On our table is decorative cast hydrostone skull on a pedestal.  His humble and other worldly presence helps to remind us of the season of the Dead, those who have gone before.

  I know that some folks have a hard time with skeletons and skulls and death related artifacts.  That's OK, but a little sad too, because they are missing out on so much tradition.  Our society has created those taboo's, and made celebrations of our dead difficult for some folks.
  We should never fear what is sure to come to our home.  Death knows not of time or any barriers.  We have no power over Death, so we might as well celebrate it.  In doing so, we ease the fear of the unknown of what's on the other side of the veil. 
  Everyone has some sort of fear related to Death.  Mine is being alone in this world, without my life partner to offer conversation, wisdom, guidance, and homestead duties. It truly is my worst nightmare of nightmares.  I am trying to overcome this fear as I age and get closer to my turn to make the journey.  I don't think we can ever be totally prepared, but some semblance of it would make things so much easier for my family, and myself.
  I am off now to organize another area in the studio. I have no plans of dieing and am filled with life energy and lots of ideas and plans.  But you never know what's down the road.  I am in the process of compiling related items that may offer knowledge, beauty, comfort to someone else. Things that I have used and appreciated and now that dust shades their worthiness. That is my clue those items have served their purpose for me, and it's time they went their way.  I am cleaning them up, and organizing them to pass on to another to appreciate and value for a while.  Too much stuff, it's time to share.  Blessed Be

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Healing Touch of Reiki...

I have had the very fortunate gift of becoming a Reiki Practitioner under the gentle loving instruction of Mindy Taylor of Touch of Bliss Reiki in Bliss, Michigan.  Mindy is a profound Reiki Master, and the best instructor anyone could ask for.  She has led the way for many good folks to become a healer.  Her motto is "A Healer in every household".  I like that a lot. It makes good sense in these troubled times.

We had two classes here at Sacred Sparks.  Reiki I in July and Reiki II in August.  From my humble perspective, both classes were phenomenal.  It was an 8 hour class.  For the life of me, I couldn't imagine how I could sit for that long, (with occasional potty breaks and lunch of course).  I am a busy person, never sitting in one place for long, of course with exception to working on this Blog spot or my Web Site, oh and also, to be honest, Facebook and Pinterest.  In spite of the 8 hours of instruction which actually went longer because of the questions and group interaction, the day flew by!  It was amazing to me how smooth the class flowed and how much was passed from Mindy to us the students. The weather was perfect, sunny, 70's and we under a canopy down near the Fire Circle and Faerie Path.

The Attunement was astonishingly beautiful, and powerful and life changing.  Mindy was the Goddess incarenent right there in front of my closed eyes. I will never, ever forget those moments.  Uplifting, empowering, life changing moments that I did not, nor could ever imagine.  Wow! 

The Reiki II class seemed even shorter, even though it spanned the full 8 hours as well.  Reiki II was also held on a perfect day, a bit warmer but in the same location.  All I can say about this experience is it is worth every second, every moment so swiftly used in that teaching.  I will never be the same, nor would I want to be.  I feel like a new person going out into a world of wonder, filled with beauty, Love and Healing Life Fource Energy, that now flows through my hands to where it is most needed.  Blessed I am and I bow low to the beautiful soul named Mindy Taylor of Bliss, for her gifted skill of teaching.


Why is Blogspot so difficult?

It seems over the past few years Blogspot, has gotten more complicated than I am computer savvy.

It all started when I was somehow coerced into joining google+.  Now, if I want to get out of that no where site, they warn me that I will delete my g mail account and all other google related sites, which I assume is my Blogspot as well.  Needless to say I am not a happy blogger right now. I do not like the fear factor.

That is the very reason why I haven't blogged since May.  I have attempted many times to get into this site and finally gave up.  Please don't blame me for being lazy in my blogging.  I should find another site and start over... but, as you can see, I did find my way in, and wonder if I will ever find the path again.  So please bear with my ineptness.  If anyone else is experiencing this kind of difficulty or trouble, I would love to hear from you.  You know the cry on each others shoulders thing.  If you should have some secret way of circling around the maze that google forces upon it's users, I would sure love to know that secret portal.

OK... so I have whined enough... moving on with a real post here, before I exit this site, I want at least one timely post to prove I am still kicking and screaming... so to speak. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Don't tell me that Weaving a Summer Promise onto the May Pole doesn't work! ...

The May Day Benefit for the Women's Resource Center of Northern Michigan Safe House was a great success on every level possible.  As the booths were disassembled and bands packed away their sound equipment, the representatives for the WRC stuffed as much of the donations, as they safely could, into their vehicle.  The first warm day with no rain wound down into a star filled evening.  But not before hugs were exchanged with smiles of knowing that something wonderful happened on this day.

All the good people who helped to launch this 11th annual event into being, and all the work associated with it are to be commended with deep gratitude from Sacred Sparks.  One community of kindred spirits working towards one goal can truly manifest wonderful, successful and joyous results.  This year was one of those events.  

We give thanks to all involved on every level of production and to the public for giving so generously to the WRC.  They will put the donations to the best of use for those folks who are driven in desperation to the Safe House.  I personally know some folks who feel the love and safe harboring the Safe House offers.  Jerry and I are humbled to be able to host this on the grounds. 

Today, May 21st, it is 80 degrees with sunshine abounding in an azure sky.  The birds can't sing any louder and the varied shades of green are a welcome sight for our winter ravaged souls.  What a great way to begin a new growing season.  Blessed Be to all who came and supported this cause with their talent, hard work, and happy hearts. 

One last comment... The Friday before we received 3/4 inch of rain and the clouds parted for a beautiful sun set.. Though the winds were strong and posed a challenge for early set up, it helped to dry things out for the coming Event.  Miracles Happen! •L☮vE¸.´`❥ ˜”*°•.¸.☆*´☽

OK... one more comment... take a look at the difference between the photos of my last post and this one. You will get a good chuckle... :) 
•L☮vE¸.´`❥ ˜”*°•.¸.☆*´☽

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Banishing mounds of reluctant winter .... a how to guide... ´¯`*•.¸¸✿♥✿¸¸•*`¯`

As our 2014 May Day Celebration approaches... (May 10th, 11 AM to 5:30 PM), we have a small dilemma happening here.  With the winter from Siberia finally winding down, the wake of the the winter has left mammoth mounds of frozen snow.  It just so happens that these mammoth mounds are strategically situated in areas that will be used during the event. With seventeen days to go, nerves are getting worn with worry that it won't be gone.  What's a person to do?
  One area of concern is where several exhibitors will be placing their canopies and setting out their crafts, so too there will be some Tarot Readers doing the same, in this area.  Right now there is a good 3 feet of snow existing quite happily.  Yikes.  One other area of deep concern is the parking spots for show coordinators.  There is 4 feet of snow reluctantly melting slowly. Ye gads!
  Our creative son dove into his 'junque pile' of hoarded cast offs and pulled out a pump, some hose and 3 batteries.  Hooked the batteries together then to the pump, and hose.  He placed the hose in the creek, and attached the batteries to the pump and also to an old ratty sprinkler.  Walla! It worked, and he is now sprinkling the heaped snow with water and thus melting the mound!  The other, larger mound is further from the creek and posed a problem of removal... until I grabbed the garden shovel and tore into that mass mound of reluctant winter!  I am basically UNSHOVELING the snow!  And it's working!  It's work, but I can use the exercise, so it's a good thing in many ways.
  One problem... I had yesterday.  I went into the studio breathing hard and with sweaty brow and thought I would rest and make a necklace and matching earrings.  I happen to be at an age now, that glasses are needed to do anything with jewelry... grrrrrrr.  Oh well, it is what it is..  Anyway, I didn't get far with my crimping tool because my glasses fogged up and I couldn't see what the heck I was doing!  So I had to cool off before I could get any jewelry work done.  I did, and also made a nice dent in the dang monster mound.
  So you see where there is snow, there is a way, more than one way actually, to get rid of the stuff.  We are confident that it will be well gone before May 10th, with no testament of what was there, nowhere  to be seen.
Hosing the snow!

Unshoveling the Mound!

  Hope you can come to this years May Celebration.  Not only is it a benefit for the Petoskey Women's Resource Center Safe House, we have some talented and lively music lined up for all day toe tapping.  There will be 22 exhibitors showing their handmade art, jewelry, fabric creations, carved wood art, herbs, live plants, lotions, soaps, candles, Tarot Readers, psychics, mediums, Faerie art, Reiki Healers, unique vintage items, and the best Taco's on the 45th parallel.  You will have the opportunity to weave the ribbons around the May Pole and participate in an Earth Healing Ritual.  How can welcoming Spring get any better than that?  Just bring a donation for the Women's Resource Center, a love offering for the bands, and enough money to buy a gourmet taco or two, and some fine crafts.  The Jordan Valley is rocking in the growing season with all the right things this year.  Oh yeah, don't forget that Mother's Day is May 11th, you can buy her a great gift right here.  May I also suggest that if you shop in our humble store, Sacred Sparks, we happily gift wrap our jewelry and unique treasures in a wonderful, sparkly way.  Just sayin'...
  I'm off to "Unshovel" some more snow... Later......

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Bright Sun is rising!

I know, 'so what's so big about that?', you ask?  Well, here in Northern Michigan, as with other areas about the country, this 2014 Winter is reluctant to let go of our lives.  Sunshine is a welcome thing for raising our depressed spirits and promising some temps that may melt some of what we just received on top of the lingering deep piles. 
  Yes, winter has overtaken our lives like nothing else.  We, here at Sacred Sparks, have been working full time on, may I say the word 'survival', and not sound too dramatic? 
Of course, you might know, because of the past mild winters and making it through with excess wood for heating, we backed off last year, waited till October to start gathering.  Very bad idea!  Mid October brought us rain, normal, of course for autumn, but once the rain started, if forgot to quit!  In fact it was having such a grand time, the rains decided that a continuous deluge was better that sporadic!  Over 20 inches of rain fell over the course of mid October to mid November, making it pretty impossible to venture onto hilly inclines to cut downed tree tops, (this years gift from a neighbor friend).  So, ultimately we were caught short on wood for heat.  Now it's April, the heating season is normally winding down... NOT the case for 2014!  We have learned a valuable lesson the hard way. 
  The constant scramble to remain warm has been an overpowering, totally consuming time issue here.  Thus leaving us short on all the other things we normally do.  Such as, creating art, building a new chicken coop, doing minor repairs that we saved for winter tasks.  
  All this behind thing has left us short and stressed... add that to the never ending winter... we, as well as everyone we know are truly stretched to our limits of remaining calm, cool and collected!  Yet, we try, succumb, acclimate and continue on, with the ever going hope that soon Spring will finally break from her chains of Winter's grasp.  We look for the little signs, that will grow into bigger and better signs of a new, warmer season to wrap it's fragrant verdant arms around us all. 
  Just had to get that out of the way. We will be busy this coming year, prepping for 2 winter's worth of fire wood! My next post will be much sunnier I promise.  The Sun is shining today with a promise of some melting.  That is a good thing!