Saturday, August 15, 2015



We all make that mistake, now don't we?  Too many things to attend to.  Too many tasks of must do, should do, will do, all jumbled into one cauldron.  And we cannot forget about the interruptions, or the distractions, nor the urgent needs that will serve as the sauce that laces all the rest into a soup of Life! How on the beautiful Earth do we even get half of it done, I know not.  Somehow we get the important things done, but the lingering to do's have a way of tugging and pushing, and haunting our daily lives.
  I stand here almost a year after my last post.  It was a good one, I'll admit.  Bringing back that remorseful feeling of Winter moving in.  The months that have slid through without mention here, have been full to capacity.  May Day Fest, Full Moon Gathering, Women's Blue MoonMeet, creative workings in the studio, and helping friends to jump into new lives, have left Jerry and I breathless and amazed that we have accomplished so much.  

  Soon will come the time to reflect on all this, but right now, we are feeling the panic of not being ready for the coming Winter months.  Last February we experienced some of the coldest temperatures in the 41 years of living on this five acre plot of land.  The snow and brutal cold kept us struggling to keep warm, pay the bills, and stay in business.  We actually resorted to closing the shop, Sacred Sparks, in an effort to save on wood and electric.  It helped.  What was sadly amazing was that we never announced the shop was closed, and no one even knew... meaning there were no visitors dropping by to find out.  

  Here we are in the middle of August 2015.  We have just begun our gathering of wood, which we will have to do all ourselves, because the cost of wood from all the local providers have raised their prices at least $200 over last years prices!  On our humble income we will not be buying any truck loads of wood this year.  We can still gather wood, just paid for our permits to do so on State lands.  It's a lot of work, but thank Goddess we still can do it.  I wonder when will come the time that our old bodies will just not perform in the ways that we need to survive.  The hopeful adage of 'use it or lose it', is encouraging.  We will be 'using' it lots this year!  
  I did not garden this year.  My reasoning on this abstinence was drought and the costs of running our pump to water the gardens.  I decided the electric company would not profit from my weak attempts to keep our gardens glowing with colorful flowers and veggies.  The area has not received any nurturing rain in a month and a half.  My decision was a good one.  
  You know, one thing I have discovered in this backing away from gardening, is that weeds can be really beautiful in an untended plot of Earth, especially when the morning sun shines through a misty morning.  
 This post is a little announcement that we are still alive and well here at Sacred Sparks.  Even though our tiny business venture of selling our art here, where we are planted has not blossomed like we hoped, nor has it offered any sustaining capitol, we still are rewarded with a few 'drop in' visitors.  We so cherish these dear folks, and if they make a purchase, we feel even more blessed and deeply thankful.  I wonder if CEO's of the 'big' stores ever have these sort of feelings.  I hope so.  
  I will try to post again real soon and show you some of what we've been up to.  Thank you for reading my small words here in our nano size corner of the world.  You will get more up to date info from my face book page if you want to follow me there..  OR visit our website..

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