Saturday, November 8, 2014

Yesterday's noon weather report ... was my push.

Yesterday, as the sun sank to the top of the western trees and the day was growing darker as wintery clouds crept in from the North, I knew it was time to overcome my reluctance and get busy with a task, I so did not want to do. I ventured down to the Faery Path to gather up the solar Faerie Lights and bring them in for the pending winter.
I sang sweet words to these inanimate objects. I told them how much happiness they had given me, as I gazed through the darkness of night, to see their tiny glow twinkling through the branches. Even going to bed each night, I could look out the back, up stairs window and see them. Their little lights reminded me they lit a magickal place, in my 'own' back yard. They reminded me of the Peace that I find on the paths, that wander through the trees. They remind me of the magickal chortling voice of the stream that flows and services the area with cool, nurturing, fresh spring water, that bubbles up out of the blessed soil of Mother Earth. It is a fine reminder to put into my head just prior to sleep. ~~•~დ‿╭♡~*

I so do not want to see the warmth surrender to the chilly air and go to bitter cold of winter. I really don't want to loose this beauty, that fills my eyes with such verdant joy.
    The frogs have snuggled down into the mud. I no longer hear their tiny voices, echoing in the moist darkness under the stars.  The precocious Red Squirrel has stashed his winter food, and does not snip at me, when I venture down there now.  He is snug with his family in a hole in one of the giant Black Willows.  The leaves now  lay on the paths, sparkling with rain that comes ahead of the snow. Here and there some emerald green damp moss peaks through the browns of the rain whetted leaves, revealing a color contrast of breathtaking proportions. I really don't want to surrender to the coming winter.
    The summer, was still clinging to the Faerie Lites. Some Woodbine vines had grown up and lovingly wrapped their curly tendrils around the wires. As if they were also clinging to a fleeting season. not wanting to let it go. But we must you know.
    Through my tears of saying goodbye to all this, I know that there is always beauty, always sparkling light catchers that will replace the solar lites. I know that come spring I will string the Faerie Lites back in the branches along the paths, and they will glow again in the darkness. It's just so hard to say good bye, even if it is temporary, to something that brings me so much happy, magickal content. Now the soft white snows will take their place in this realm of Peace. The dark branches will hold little layers of snow, creating a black and white, lace like, tapestry of sparkles, rending beauty to any beholder, with the first rays of a cold winter dawn. Change is inevitable, it is sweet and it is sad all at the same time. ~~•~დ‿╭♡~*

You can tell that these photos were taken in the summer.  Imagine all the green leaves on the ground at this time in November.  Blessed Be  (that's me and GrisGris above on the 'Four Leggeds Junket' Path.)

These last two photos I added today, November 9th.  It's been snowing all day long with cold temperatures called for tomorrow with lake effect..... looks like winter is here for Northern Michigan. ~~•~დ‿╭♡~*


Lise said...

And the snow can sparkle just like the lights.
Blessed be to you both.

Sacred Sparks said...

Yes Lise! It is doing just that. It truly is gorgeous. We have about 7 inches so far, with more predicted for tonight. Winter is definitely here! Beautiful Blessing to you as well. Stay warm and have fun! Linda