Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winds are HOWLING .......

The howling winds of today, January 16th, has presented itself, as many days do, as a multi-faceted gem.  Flashing from one facet to another depending on the light that bounces off from it.  Coming from a gem, that would be cool, but coming from a day, that I am trying to stay focused.... equals NUTS!  Yup, today is crazy nuts, at least for me.

  It started out with my presence on FaceBook... answering, responding, sharing... then to a project of research for current prices of Essential Oils and Amber Vials to hold them.  This project has been an on going effort that gets interrupted and way laid constantly.  I really need a computer that I can take out to the quiet of my studio, where I can keep the lights down low, and hide in a shadowed corner, where no one will know where I am.

  So far today I have been deep in my research, then jerked up with a visitor, come early to our little shop.  We jump for customers, and did so today, but even with our quick efforts, we couldn't get into view of the potential customer, and drove out as we stood in the drive way trying to get their attention.  We dejectedly walked back into the house.  I tried to get back onto my task, when an incoming call pulled my attention.
  It's cold in this corner of the house, far away from the radiant wood stove.  My right hand is numb... I call it mouse hand, and this time of year I get 'Mouse Hand' every day.  I need a heated mouse!  I know they are out there, I just have to find one.  Any suggestions?

  OK so here I sit, writing this Blog, when I should be working on my Essential Oil research.  Where did that come in?  Well the mail came and we got a card from the Township folks that are trying to promote the small businesses in the Township.  What a fabulous and pro active idea! Jerry (hubby) checked their brand new site =
  I personally applaud this sort of action, and it comes welcomed and none too soon in my book. On this site it leads folks here to our Blogspot, not our web page, facebook page, or Etsy Shop.  Thinking this is the case, I needed to update my Blog!  Thus another distraction from my focus track for the day...
  So I leave you with this info and jump back to my original intent for this snowy, windy, blustery day, here in the Jordan River Valley.  Thanks for your visit here.  Follow me if you've a mind to, or comment.  I love comments.  Yup another distraction, but a very much welcomed one.  Peace Be  Linda  ~❤~

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