Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I am Closing my Art Fire Shop....

It has taken me 4 years to test the waters of Art Fire.  With a positive increase in sales in my Etsy shop and a dismal performance on Art Fire for 2012, it all adds up to putting my efforts where the sales are.  So as of January 26, 2013 my presence on Art Fire will downgrad to 'patron'
  Yes, it is sad to let my little shop go there.  The Art Fire staff are good people, always striving to make the site better and more attractive.  Four years is a long time to see enough sales to warrant the monthly fee.  
  It's not like I haven't tried in my promotions and encouragement to people to shop there.  Maybe it's the Amazon payment required at check out, but they recently added Paypal last year and that didn't help either.  
  So I will be putting all my efforts into my Etsy shop and begin to look for another venue to rest my sign board.  If anyone reading this blog has any recommendations, I'd appreciate hearing about them. 
  Right now if you want to see what I have left in my Art Fire Shop head on over there and take a peek.  I am offering a 25% OFF discount on all my earrings.  Soon they will appear in my Etsy Shop at regular pricing.  So now is a good time to take advantage of buying gifts for yourself or future birthdays of friends and family.  
                 (The above sterling earrings are currently offered for $30.00... regularly priced at $40.00)
                                               Click here to take a last look at my Art Fire Shop

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I'll see you soon somewhere. Give me a shout and we can connect.  Be back soon.... Linda


Diane Fergurson said...

I downgraded this year too Linda. Should have done it a long time ago, but I kept hoping it would get better. That site was a real disappointment

Sacred Sparks said...

Thanks for you comment Diane. I know exactly what you mean. I think I was clinging to all the work and effort and investment to this site. It just wasn't coming through. My husband abandoned it last year with the new mandatory return policy that overrode the sellers policies. I should have done the same as him. Oh well, we live and learn, don't we? It's nice to hear from others who have moved on, it helps to solidify my decision. Peace and Prosperity to you... Linda