Friday, February 10, 2012

A Little LOVE from my Heart....

If you love Valentine's Day as much as I do, then you'll love some of newest creations.  This piece is a copper brooch with a little steam punk added.  I was out scavenging in the the barn and came up with this brass tag that went to something like maybe a propane gas tank, or something like that.  With Jerry's permission to add it to my stash, I skipped back to the studio and promptly stamped the word "Me" into the tag as well.  The next thing I needed was a tiny key, which I happened to have also in my stash box.  It all came together with solder, rivet and oxidation.  I really love the end result.  What do you think? 
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Sacred Sparks said...

Just a note... this piece sold, shortly after I listed it. I can make more, but they won't be exactly like this one. But that is a good thing.. and key to handmade.