Monday, February 6, 2012

Keepin' Up is HARD to DO!

It's a good thing that February is a slow month around these parts of Michigan.  This year especially!  No snow means no shoveling, no pounding and scraping ice off the roofs.  Of course we are still hauling and stacking wood near the house, studio and work barn, and shoving it in the trusty wood stove.  Empty tummies still need feeding and the normal life extension tasks we all perform no matter what. But, dog gone it!  I am still finding less and less time to create. 
I see life running it's course here.  People heading to work every morning, returning home in the evenings. Deer and Turkey's browsing the fields and woods for food. Their living needs have not been stressed this year. The weather here in Northern Michigan has been nothing less that extraordinary for January and so far February.  Very little snow, warm temperatures in the upper 30's, 40's and an occasional 50!  You would think I'd have more time to create!
  So what's going on?  I have come to figure that I am spending too much time maintaining all my Internet sites.  I try to accomplish up dates every morning but I am spreading myself too thin.  I have to come up with a better practice.  I am working on it, at least the thought and desire is in my head, soon a solution will follow.  

Here is a necklace set I created recently.  Be back soon, Have to do some grocery shopping.  Our kitties are demanding more Salmon in their diet! 

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