Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Remember ~ Our Brick and Mortar Shop is Open for your Visit...

Hi Folks!  Been away for a while here.  I hope to post on a more regular fashion, but life, as you well know, seems to distract me into other direction.  Focus... is the word for me.
  Anyone interested in visiting our Brick and Mortar shop here, will find lots of new delights.  We just received our annual stock of the 2011 Witches Calendars, and Date Books, the famous and well loved Witche's Almanc's are in now too, and a new calendar published by the Llewelyn folks... A beautiful Faerie Magick Calendar.  They are the same price as last year... Yay! only 13.99.  I didn't order as many this year, so we are on a first come first served basis.  Better drop by and pick one up at least for yourself.  They also make a perfect gift for that 'hard to buy for person' in your life.  With the holidays coming up, it's not too early to start your Yule shopping now, before the crazy rush.
  I have created some new pins, that would make a great, one of a kind gift, that says...'I love you enough to buy American Handmade rather than a big box import.

 This little "Guardian Angel Pin", really fits the I Love You status, don't you think?  You can find her in our Brick and Mortar- Sacred Sparks or in our Art Fire shop.  Click on the title and you will be taken to our shop.  
This is a short post for today... but watch for my next tale about...  the 'Chickens' moving in at Sacred Sparks. 
Be Well ~ Be Aware ~ Be Prepared...  Till later.... Linda

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