Monday, June 21, 2010

WOMEN'S MOONMEET- Sat-June 26- @ 7:30 PM

Wishing you a wonderful Litha - Sumer Solstice!
This coming Saturday is the full Moon of June and we will hold our first Women's MoonMeet of 2010. We will g ather at the Fire Pit at 7:30 PM... We will invoke and honor the Goddess Arachne, to join us and help us on our Life Journey. Arachne is the Web Builder, the Weaver, the Community Construct, the Communications Expert in Wisdom, Strength and Courage. In the coming times we need Her to guide us through what lies ahead.
Bring with you a warm jacket, hat in case of a cool evening, something to drink, insect repellent, a skein of bright colored yarn or black, but no pale, wimpy colors, a snack to share, and percussion and drums if you have them. I will provide a facilitated Ceremony, eating utensils, and a beverage. All women are welcome... from age 10 to 100+, we will honor the Triple Goddess, Who dwells within us and without us.... Please let us know you are coming and how many beautiful women to expect in our Circle under the Full Moon of June. There is no charge for this event, a donation will be graciously accepted to help cover costs... Thank you! Blessed Be... Linda
(You can contact Linda at
For those who have reserved as a tentative participant, we would appreciate a solid Yes or No, to help in preparing the Ceremony. Thank you very much!
(This event will be held on the grounds of Sacred Sparks in East Jordan, Michigan)


Ruth said...

Great blog! I love the creativity, the colors, the updates on events and the wonderful work that you are doing.
Good JOB!

Sacred Sparks said...

Gorsch... Thanks Ruth. Big Hugs!