Thursday, January 5, 2012

BLIZZARD!!! ... Come and Gone!

The weather people had us Northern Michiganders all in a tizzy.  The threat of high winds with feet of snow was, if I must say, EXCITING!  We only have had one small snow event here since November.  Usually by now we have high banks of snow lining our driveway and parking area.  With only grass to be seen, the threat of a winter storm was invigorating!  With some forewarning, we hustled to stack more wood on the porch, batten down the tarps that cover our wood piles, get the chicken coop wind ready, and warmer with more straw and extra light bulbs.  We put the snow shovels close to the entry ways to the studio, the house and the barn.  We were ready. 
  The storm arrived the rain turned into snow, the temps dropped and the wind howled.  But for us. here in East Jordan, the huge lake effect machine missed us.... :(  
  The storm moved out on Monday afternoon, and we measured 3 inches of snow.  There were blades of grass still peeking through!  We really miss our winter here.  If it's going to be cold it would be nice to have some beautiful pristine, sound muffling, foundation insulating snow.  Today is Thursday, and it has reached 36 degrees.  What little snow we did receive from the "storm", is melting.  It's supposed to be 40' tomorrow! 
   Since there isn't much we can do about the weather, Jerry and I are working on photos of new jewelery, and vintage books and items that we just have to move on to other caring folks.  We will be listing some of our vintage items on our EBay site and perhaps in our Bonanza shop too.
  It's fun getting out these wonderful old items that spoke to us of times gone by, and offered a unique sense of beauty and detail that is not seen so much anymore.  When I get some things actually listed, I will announce it here.  Hope everyone is entering 2012 with a happy outlook and is keeping warm by the fire or furnace, or what ever heating device you may have.  Happy January 5th!...... Linda


Lise Winne said...

We are having record high temps here too in the north country of New York State.

I saw your many heartfelt posts on Artfire (with admiration) and decided to follow your blog! I'm looking forward to many more of your posts.

Sacred Sparks said...

Thanks Lise, for connecting with us here, and for your comment. The lack of snow and unseasonal warm temps has the snow industry, like Boyne Mountain, Schuss Mountain, Shanty Creek and all Snow mobiler's, in a tizzy. The ski resorts can make snow at night if temps dip below 30 degrees, but even that is rare and then rain and 40's it's a sad scene for all. There is so much business that depends on this industry, even our little shop used to have visiting weekend skier's. Not happening this year. Thanks for your kind words Lise. I hope that AF can get things onto a positive floor for all to accept. That's all I can do now is hope. I really liked the post by GreatGraphics. Did you catch that? Are you on Face Book? I would love to connect with you there too. Happy New Year... Linda

Lise Winne said...
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Lise Winne said...

Great Graphics was a sweet person. I learned so much from her. I hope AF can do the right thing too.

Yes, you can catch me on FB. I only have a personal account now, but you are welcome to friend there. Lots of fantasy artists!

I'll be setting up a public one this year...

Be well and stay warm!