Sunday, December 25, 2011


Computer went down in December 2010 and it has taken me this long... One Year ... to find my way back.  Thanks to Mozilla Fire Fox, I can return now.  Sorry for my absence, it has not been by purpose but Google's inability to allow me back through Internet Explorer!  What ever that is about? I know not.
  I thank anyone who came here and was puzzled by my obvious lack of attention to my Blog, and kept checking back, and found nothing new.  It was not because I was ignoring this, I just could not access my Google account!  Now all I have to do is find my way back into my Google Groups.  I so want to post there but so far Google is being a Butt, and won't let me in.  I added this photo of some earrings I made but things are new here at Blogspot and I can see I will have to relearn my approach to it.  Back in 2010 I could place my photo where I chose and also upload from my computer, now that has all changed.  Sorry about that.  Hopefully I will get this all figured out, and be able to be a bit more professional here.  Thanks for understanding.  If anyone who reads this has any suggestions, or help they can offer me, I would really appreciate it.  In the mean time, I'll work on this from my end.  Blessings to all....
   I will come back soon and let you know about all that has transcribed in the past year.  I guess at this moment in time, the year 2011 was the year that wasn't, at least for my Blog.

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